Opernblog Three Tales

„Every creature has a song – the song of the dogs – and the song of the doves –
the song of the fly – the song of the fox. – What do they say?“ Adin Steinsaltz

#Bios/Steve Reich und Beryl Korot


#Interview mit Steve Reich und Beryl Korot/Ein Theater der Ideen



#Singing corporeality: reinventing the vocalic body in postopera, by J. Novak (2012)

“Today monsters remind us of the exclusion of the human from life, of life that is more and more being divided from humanity (...)”

Bojana Kunst



#Marschallinseln gegen Atommächte - "Für tausende Jahre unbewohnbar"/REUTERS 07.03.2016

#Link/Steve Reich's Clapping Music app: in pursuit of rhythmic perfection

#Images/Entwürfe Bühnenraum, © Katrin Wittig

#Image/Bühnenraum/Snille Drehstuhl

#Image/Grundriss Oper Wuppertal zur Bauprobe, © Katrin Wittig